Jacqueline Lestingi-Faure, the granddaughter of a stonemason from Puglia in Italy, joined her father’s construction company in Alsace after her studies. Preferring to return to the family tradition, she devoted herself to the tile trade for nearly 25 years before having the opportunity to take over a marble factory in Lorraine. This is how the Blanc Carrare brand was born in 1998.

Her experience and passion for natural stone open up new perspectives. Jacqueline Lestingi-Faure then began a strong collaboration with Annie Pate and internationally renowned architects and designers. Her first project, a private flat in Moscow, enabled her to establish Blanc Carrare in a very high-end creative world. With her singular and innovative approach to materials, Jacqueline Lestingi-Faure then worked on other projects such as the Hermès boutique in Tokyo designed by Rena Dumas, and in publishing with the creations of Stéphane Parmentier.

Jacqueline Lestingi-Faure is successfully continuing the Blanc Carrare adventure. In 2020, she consecutively opened a new workshop in Switzerland and a showroom in London and will soon open in Zurich. She is currently working on prestigious projects such as the Cheval Blanc Hotel in Paris designed by Peter Marino.