Founded in 1998 in Niderviller (Lorraine) by Jacqueline Lestingi-Faure, Blanc Carrare has over the years established itself as the benchmark marble manufacturer for the architectural and interior design sectors.

Certified as a Living Heritage Company (EPV/Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant) since 2011, Blanc Carrare has been able to perpetuate its traditional know-how in the shaping and transformation of natural stone, while modernising its activity. Its permanent research in terms of innovation, surface techniques (finishes, patinas) and creativity allows it to design ever more daring architectural projects.

Blanc Carrare takes a singular and demanding look at the raw material. From lava stone to Italian marble, from Iranian onyx to South American quartzite, each block of natural stone is meticulously sourced from its many suppliers around the world, before being transformed and enhanced in its own workshops, located in France and Switzerland and in partnership with workshops in Carrara.

The house collaborates with internationally renowned architects and designers, working in the world of hotels, retail, residential and design publishing.




years of experience


showrooms in France and in Switzerland


Jacqueline Lestingi-Faure, the granddaughter of a stonemason from Puglia in Italy, joined her father’s construction company in Alsace after her studies. Preferring to return to the family tradition, she devoted herself to the tile trade for nearly 25 years before having the opportunity to take over a marble factory in Lorraine. This is how the Blanc Carrare brand was born in 1998.

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Labelisée EPV
depuis 2011

Blanc Carrare, entreprise de métier d’art, a été labelisée Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV) par l’Etat Français en 2011. Ce label distingue les entreprises françaises reconnues pour leur savoir-faire artisanaux et industriels d’excellence.

The ability to enhance the stones makes Blanc Carrare an essential partner.

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Implantés dans 3 pays européens – France, Suisse et Royaume Uni– avec 5 show-rooms à Niderviller, Paris, Londres, Farvagny et Zurich et 2 ateliers intégrés basés à Niderviller (France) et Farvagny (Suisse), Blanc Carrare continue de se développer pour toujours mieux accompagner les projets des architectes à l’échelle européenne et internationale.

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