Éric Schmitt

Born from the collaboration between Ralph PUCCI and Eric SCHMITT, this console, made by Blanc Carrare, is currently exhibited in the PUCCI art gallery in New York.

For this piece, the idea was to create a limited edition (24 pieces) based on a single block of stone.

The challenge for Blanc Carrare was to find THE exceptional BLOCK that would sublimate Eric SCHMITT’s design in this unique piece.

Jacqueline Lestingi met this challenge by finding this unique and unexpected block, which is now definitely sold out.

Extracted at the opening of the quarry and located on the first bench somewhere in the Italian mountains, this stone is made of an assembly of several rocks.

Its particularity is that each block and each slice is different.

The pebbles of stone that make up this stone give character to the forms of this console while bringing timelessness and modernity.

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