Mickaël Gouret



Michaël Gouret called on Blanc Carrare’s expertise to create part of his client’s notary’s office.

The table, the doors and the reception desk were all made from the same block of stone.

For this project, Michaël Gouret wanted a gray stone with shades of black and white. Initially thinking of Patagonia or Invisible Gray, the architect gave his requirements to Jacqueline Lestingi-Faure to find the stone that perfectly met his expectations.

Thanks to the sourcing of Blanc Carrare, the stone found and selected for this project is Arabescato Orobico.

This stone perfectly reflects the essence of the project, which is minimalist and contemporary. The Arabescato Orobico gave life and relief to the various achievements.

Thanks to the involvement and know-how of Blanc Carrare, but also to the good coordination of the actors within the project, the client was completely satisfied.

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