The Blanc Carrare approach is based on a search for the finest selection of stones and minerals.
Auvergne lava stone from France, marble from Italy, onyx from South America… each natural stone is a tribute to nature and awaits a project on a par with its potential!
Each piece gathered from around the world is chosen for its unique appeal and brought to life in the Niderviller workshops of France’s Lorraine region.
Blanc Carrare has perfected the art of craftsmanship for stone, marble and semi-precious stones over the past 70 years. It embodies the highest and most stringent standards of workmanship through a blend of traditional expertise and state-of-the-art technology. The result is unparalleled proficiency in sourcing and shaping these materials.

Lava stone. The lava stone extracted exclusively by Blanc Carrare in the Auvergne region of France has a unique look and an indescribably mineral feel yet is also imbued with real warmth. This rare material is both extremely solid and hard-wearing, and lends itself to even the grandest of designs. Blanc Carrare has developed a range of exclusive colours and patinas for natural lava stone.

Semi-precious stone. Semi-precious stones are the ultimate expression of nature, made up of thousands of crystals. They provide the perfect material for projects that seek a touch of the sublime. Blanc Carrare is the exclusive distributor for Maer & Charme gems and offers its customers a unique range that reflects the highest standards of assembly.

Marble. Comes from quarries all around the world, marble have multitude of colors, shapes and appearances. For centuries this material cross the history, makes by artisans. Marble is became a symbol of tradition and elegance.
From the first sketch to the laying of the last stone, Blanc Carrare makes possible the realization of all the projects combining modernity and preservation of this cultural heritage.