Blanc Carrare masters the entire value chain associated with outstanding stones through its materials sourcing, design office, workshop operations and execution.

Workshops. Blanc Carrare uses its expertise to help customers, architects and designers around the world achieve their most ambitious goals.
In its workshops, its craftsmen pour every ounce of their passion into fulfilling projects that are both far-reaching and flawless.
The result is a blend of custom carving, digital precision, unique assembly, finishing and patinas that unlock a world of possibilities.
Blanc Carrare also sets itself apart through its bold approach in creating lightweight stone on honeycomb, marble on glass, carbon fibre and other innovative materials.

Design Office. Through its integrated design office, Blanc Carrare offers its customers comprehensive, collaborative support including vital measurements taken on-site by 3D scanner and laser, AUTOCAD and 3D rendering, arrangement of materials, templates and execution plan.